Customer Service Plan

Air Zimbabwe is in business to provide safe, friendly, innovative and reliable air transport. We are committed to world class service by putting people first and striving to make your entire experience a positive one each and every time.


This Customer Service Plan addresses a number of the service goals we have defined for ourselves. Every customer is important to Air Zimbabwe, and we are dedicated to making every flight you take with us something special. Your safety, comfort, and convenience are of our utmost concern.


Our Customer Service Plan addresses the following topics:

Delays and Cancellations
  1. Air Zimbabwe shall provide customers at the airport and onboard an affected aircraft with timely and frequent information regarding known delays and cancellations.
  2. We will reroute passengers on delayed flights onto our next flight with available seats. Passengers on cancelled flights will be given priority on the next available Air Zimbabwe flight.
  3. Long delays of 2-5 hours
    Passengers will be served with meals or refreshments.

    Passengers are also entitled to two 3 minute telephone calls, and email or fax facilities if available 
  4. Delays of more than 5 hours,
    Passengers with the exception of those originating from the city of departure shall be provided with hotel accommodation and transfers.
    Where passengers do not wish to travel anymore, tickets will be fully refunded at the issuing office.
    Air Zimbabwe will offer 25% discount (on the booked fare class, valid for six 6 months) to passengers who are delayed for over 24 hours and their flights not rescheduled.
  5. Customers on a delayed flight may choose to leave the gate area once a departure time is announced; it is our policy that a delayed flight will not close the gate prior to the revised departure time even if an earlier departure is possible.
  6. Passengers are not liable for compensation:

6.1 When informed of the delay or cancellation prior to date of travel.

6.2 Where flights are cancelled due to the following:

  1. Political instability
  2. Meteorological conditions
  3. Security risks
  4. Unexpected flight safety shortcomings (technical problems)
  5. Strikes
  6. Air Traffic Control

Oversold Flights
  1. Overbooking is done in the interest of both customers and the airline as history shows that some customers do not cancel their reservations when they change their travel plans.
  2. In case of overbooking , the airline shall:
  1. Ask for volunteers willing to give up their seats for compensation and confirmed seats on the next available flight. The compensation shall be 50% discount on booked fare on the route denied valid for six (6) months.
  2. If a sufficient number of volunteers is not obtained, a passenger may be denied boarding involuntarily, based upon check-in time, fare paid and onward connections.
  1. Passengers denied boarding will be booked on the next available Air Zimbabwe flight, hotel accommodation and transfers will be provided including two 3 minute calls plus compensation of 50% discount on booked fare on the route claimed valid for six 6 months.

Ticket Refunds
  1. Procedure: passengers are to submit tickets and contact details to the issuing office.
  2. Refunds for credit card purchases will only be made to the credit card account.
  3. NB: the following classes are non-refundable: V and N.

Helpful Suggestions to Passengers:

To ensure a prompt refund, passengers are advised to submit all required documentation and information including:

Baggage Delivery
  1. Air Zimbabwe strives to ensure our customers and their bags travel on the same flight. However, in the event that you are unable to locate your bag upon arrival, you should notify a baggage service agent prior to leaving the airport. At that time, the bag delivery procedure will be explained, and you will be provided with a Property Irregularity Report explaining the baggage recovery process.

Reasonable efforts will be made to unite passengers with their baggage within 24hrs for domestic flights. Baggage on international flights may take longer due to duration, frequency of flights or Customs and Immigration procedures at destination airport.

Baggage recovery processes will include passenger contact details for follow-up procedures. Customers on over boarder flights shall complete customs formalities once bags are located.

Baggage Liability
  1. Travel in Zimbabwe is governed by the Warsaw Conventions and Air Zimbabwe will reimburse up to USD20 per kg to a maximum weight as stipulated on the ticket for lost baggage.
  2. International travel is defined as travel where the itinerary involves one or more segments of travel outside of Zimbabwe. For travel governed by the Warsaw Convention, we will reimburse USD20 per kg up to the maximum weight as stipulated on the ticket or class of travel. For travel governed by the Montreal Convention we will reimburse up to 1000SDRs (Special Drawing Rights) per ticketed customer.
  3. The specific procedures for making a lost or damage baggage claims will be provided to the passenger at the time a claim is filed. We will not pay for normal wear and tear on checked baggage or for loss or damage to belongings carried on person. Certain items such as cash, jewelry, cameras, mobile phones and laptops are excluded from liability for lost or damaged checked baggage. A complete list of the limitations and exclusions is in our Conditions of Carriage.      

Accommodation of Customers with Special Needs
  1. An unaccompanied minor (UMNR) must have reached his/her 5th birthday but would not have reached his/her 12th birthday.
  2. Unaccompanied minors going overseas below 8years pay full adult fare plus £20 unaccompanied minor fare per sector.
  3. When taking a minor’s reservation, contact details of the parents /guardians are required as well as those of the party meeting the minor at the destination.
  4. The maximum number of minors permitted on a flight differs by aircraft type; MA60/ERJ145 – 8, B737/A320 – 12, B767 – 18 (a maximum of 25 can be accommodated with additional crew).
  5. Travel on Air Zimbabwe is permitted up to the 32nd week of pregnancy and is subject to a doctor’s certificate not older than 7 days declaring that one is fit to travel by air. Travel after the 32nd week of pregnancy is not permitted. Note that the medical clearance letter is required from 28 weeks of pregnancy.
  6. Medical cases: Passengers with such cases are required to complete a medical certificate to be submitted to central reservations in order to liaise with the airline doctor.
  7. Medical Certificate: To be completed by the client’s doctor and will be submitted to Air Zimbabwe reservations and/or Interline offices via selling offices.
  8. Oxygen requirements: Passengers travelling on B737 who require oxygen for medical purposes shall indicate this on a medical form, and liaise with reservations to notify the aviation approved oxygen suppliers. Those travelling on B767 are required to pay an amount of USD150 as this specific aircraft make allows it to generate extra oxygen.
  9. Stretchers: Carriage of a stretcher is restricted according to the type of aircraft and commercial load to be carried, as a large number of seats (6) must be displaced to accommodate a stretcher. To ensure adequate stretcher control, central reservations and the sales office must have the opportunity to liaise before accepting the booking. The total charge for a passenger on a stretcher is equivalent to six (6) seats based on the applicable fare in economy class.    

Rainbow Club Frequent Flyer Programme

We have designed this frequent flyer programme to reward our valued customers. As you fly more regularly with us you can move through our different levels of membership, which bring greater benefits. Rainbow Club is our way of saying thank you for choosing to fly with Air Zimbabwe.

We have some useful frequently asked questions on the operations of the Club.

How do I become a member?

You can obtain a membership application form either from our offices or your travel agent. Complete the form and list ticket numbers for travel dating a year back. Membership is only open to individuals aged 18 years and above.

What are the different membership tiers or levels?

Three membership tiers are available:

How is my Rainbow Club account updated?

Submit your original flown tickets to our office each time you travel for your miles to be updated. 

Please note: Miles are not automatically credited at the airport

What are my benefits?

Benefits are dependent on your Tier status:





Free Travel Awards




Excess Baggage allowance




Free use of Business class lounge




Express check-in




Please note: Free use of business class lounges is only available at certain airports


Do my miles expire?

Miles expire after two years.


How do I claim my awards?

Apply at least two weeks in advance for your ticket or upgrade awards. Miles will be deducted for these awards depending on the destination. It is essential to make your submission in advanced as per the requirements for your request to be processed in time.

If you redeem miles and fail to travel within three months from date of application, the miles will be forfeited.


Can I redeem my miles throughout the year?

Miles cannot be redeemed during the following peak periods:

Miles can be redeemed throughout all other periods of the year.


How do I spend my miles?

Your Rainbow Club miles can go towards your free ticket or be transferred to free tickets for use by your family.


Handling Customer Issues
  1. Complaints should be acknowledged within 24 hours from date of receipt.
  2. Complaints should be fully investigated and responded to within 14 days from date of receipt.
  3. Where the complaint concerns schedule changes Past Date Information (PDI) should be requested from Reservations prior to concluding the claim.
  4. All responses must be copied to the departmental head where the complaint originated from.
  5. All complaints must be made in writing and received within 21 days from date of incident.