Frequently Asked Questions

Which destinations does Air Zimbabwe travel to?

Harare, Bulawayo, Kariba, Victoria Falls, Lusaka, Johannesburg

What is my checked baggage allowance?
Domestic Economy
Harare / Johannesburg / Harare Economy
40kg (2 pieces at 20kg each)
50kg (2 pieces at 25kg each)
Bulawayo / Johannesburg / Bulawayo Economy
30kg (2 pieces at 15kg each)
40kg (2 pieces at 20kg each)


What is my carry-on baggage allowance?

The maximum weight of cabin baggage is 8kgs, and each piece must not exceed dimensions of 51cm x 20cm x 38cm (for flights operated by B767 and B737).Personal items such as overcoats, walking sticks, small cameras, laptops and ladies' handbags may be carried in the cabin unconditionally.


What if I want to check-in sports equipment?

One is allowed 15kgs of sporting equipment: For example, golf bags over and above the allowed check-in weight.

Loyalty Program
Does Air Zimbabwe have a loyalty program?

Certainly – this is the Rainbow Club Frequent Flyer Program. You can obtain a membership application form either from the website, our offices or your travel agent. Complete the form and list ticket numbers of past travel dating a year back. Membership is only open to individuals aged 18 years and above.


What are the different membership tiers or levels?

Three membership tiers are available:


Can I redeem my miles throughout the year?

Miles cannot be redeemed during the following peak periods:

Miles can be redeemed throughout all other periods of the year.


How do I spend my miles?

Your Rainbow Club miles can go towards your free ticket or be transferred to free tickets for use by your family.