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Rainbow Club

Rainbow Club Frequent Flyer Programme

Welcome to the Rainbow Club! We have designed this frequent flyer programme to reward our valued customers. As you fly more regularly with us you can move through our different levels of membership, which bring greater benefits. Rainbow Club is our way of saying thank you for choosing to fly with Air Zimbabwe.

We have some useful frequently asked questions on the operations of the Club.

How do I become a member?

You can obtain a membership application form either from our offices or your travel agent. Complete the form and list all ticket numbers for past travel dating a year back. Membership is only open to individuals aged 18 years and above.

What are the different membership tiers or levels?

Three membership tiers are available:

How is my Rainbow Club account updated?

Submit your original flown tickets to our office each time you travel for your miles to be updated.

Please note: Miles are not automatically credited at the airport

What are my benefits?

Benefits are dependent on your Tier status:





Free Travel Awards




Excess Baggage allowance




Free use of Business class lounge




Express check-in




Please note: Free use of business class lounges is only available at certain airports

Do my miles expire?

Miles expire after two years.

How do I claim my awards?

Apply at least two weeks in advance for your ticket or upgrade awards. Miles will be deducted for these awards depending on the destination. It is essential to make your submission in advance as per the requirements for your request to be processed in time.

If you redeem miles and fail to travel within three months from date of application, the miles will be forfeited.

Can I redeem my miles throughout the year?

Miles cannot be redeemed during the following peak periods:

Miles can be redeemed throughout all other periods of the year.

How do I spend my miles?

Your Rainbow Club miles can go towards your free ticket or be transferred to free tickets for use by your family.

Rainbow Club application form

Click here to download the application form