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Air Zimbabwe Passenger

Air Zimbabwe Passenger is the passenger airline

Route Network

It services Harare, Bulawayo, Victoria Falls, Johannesburg, Lusaka, Lubumbashi, London, Kuala Lumpur and Beijing. Air Zimbabwe has either Offices or General Sales Agents (GSAs) in all these destinations as well as several other cities worldwide.

Air Zimbabwe’s proud history hinges on its enviable safety record, the exceptional skills of its pilots, and on its strong in-flight customer service.

Our Frequent Flyer Club

The airline’s strongest product is the Rainbow Club membership.

Commercial Charters

The airline operates commercial charter services to cater for groups of between 100 to 200 people to domestic, regional or international destinations. In the past years the airline has flown United Nations missions, the Zimbabwe national soccer team the Warriors as well as other sports teams to various destinations. It has one of the world’s best Safety records.

Our Fleet

The airline’s operational fleet complement comprises of two B767s, three B737s and three MA60, which joined the fleet in May 2005.

Fleet Information


  • Operates international flights
  • Capacity : 30 Business class and 167 economy class
  • Operated by 2 cockpit crew and 9 cabin crew
  • Fuel capacity 77,000kgs/96,250 litres
  • Cruise range 12,474kms,6,930NM
  • Pratt and Whitney 4056 engines
  • Wingspan 156 feet 4 inches
  • Cargo carrying capacity of five tonnes

B737 -200 Advanced series

  • Operates regional and domestic destinations
  • Capacity : 12 Business class and 93 economy class
  • Operated by 2 cockpit crew and 4 cabin crew
  • Maximum fuel capacity of 15,700 kgs/19,240 litres
  • Cruise range 3,240km/1,800NM
  • Wingspan 93 feet
  • Cargo carrying capacity of 1.2 tonnes


  • Operates regional and domestic flights
  • Capacity 52 economy class
  • 2 cockpit and 2 cabin crew
  • Wingspan – 95 feet 9.3 inches
  • Maximum fuel capacity of 4030kgs/8884 lb
  • Economical cruise range of 430 km/h
  • Pratt and Whitney PW127J turbo-prop engines