Air Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd

Welcome to Air Zimbabwe, the African airline whose continuous goal is to deliver Zimbabwean hospitality in the skies'. We are passionate about our heritage and enabling our global customers to experience this at its very best. 

Our Shared Vision

Creating Africa's most Safe, Innovative and Competitive Air Transport Company.

Our Core Values

Our values are engrained in our operation as a company. In every interaction, we are committed to the following:

Integrity - We do what we say
Speed - We live Speed with a sense of directional correctness.
Change - Change never stops; it's part of our DNA.
Commitment - We are committed to First Class Service.
Creativity - We are created in the image of God as with Him all things are possible
Respect - Putting people first, our personal interests come last.
Teams - We are Totally Engaged and Actually Moving with Speed

Company Structure

Air Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd is a registered company and consists of 3 divisions: Passenger, Technical and Finance.


Air Zimbabwe Passenger Division is the company flagship. As a passenger and cargo carrier, the airline currently services the domestic destinations of Harare, Bulawayo, Victoria Falls and Kariba. As well as the regional destinations of Johannesburg and Lusaka. Air Zimbabwe has either sales offices or General Sales Agents (GSAs) in all these destinations.

Air Zimbabwe Cargo under the Passenger Division transports cargo to  the various local and regional destinations.

Air Zimbabwe Technical Division (AZTD) has a comprehensive technical and engineering base which holds approvals from civil aviation authorities of several countries in the region and beyond, enabling the division to conduct third party work for both domestic and external markets.

Air Zimbabwe Finance Division manages the administration of the company.