Payment Methods

Once you have confirmed the details of your flight, providing your payment information will allow you to book the flight. If you are

Paying with a Credit Card:



Paying for your Air Zimbabwe flight online is safe and efficient . We have 3D Secure technology on our system so that you won’t need to worry about fraudulent activity on your Credit or Debit Card when you process your transaction.



3D secure is the industry’s authentication standard – It is an added level of security which requires that the cardholder input a unique one-time pin (OTP) SMS'd to their personal cell phone or a password when paying for an online purchase. The additional verification step protects you from fraudulent transactions, once approved payment is processed immediately.



Please check with your bank if you are enrolled for 3D Secure, we are unable to facilitate this during the booking process. We advise that you contact your bank to determine if you must activate your card for 3D Secure online or at your nearest branch.



Please note that for 3D Secure transactions your bank will request that you enter your pin or OTP to verify you are in fact the cardholder. If you are not registered for 3D Secure, for fraud prevention measures, we will request you to choose an alternative form of payment.



As a reminder, we does not facilitate 3D Secure registration during the booking process.



Pay within the booking confirmation time limit.


Please make sure that you pay for your flight within the specified time limit on your booking confirmation. The time limit depends on the departure date of your flight. If you are late to pay for the booking, it will be cancelled, and you will need to re-book your flight.  


** For all bookings into Zimbabwe, tickets will only be issued if paid in the currency of country of origin **



To top up on your payment please CLICK HERE to be taken to the payment page for Ecocash and USD Visa Mastercard. For Rand Visa/ Mastercard please CLICK HERE.

Air Zimbabwe accepts the following payment methods:

visa     mastercard     ecocash    rtgs   ZImswitch
NB: For VISA, MasterCard and Zimswitch only 3D secure cards acceptable

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